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Software Developer



A React-based project hub and journal. Posts discuss coding concepts, project development, and general interest subjects.

Tools and Tech : JavaScript, HTML, CSS, React, Gatsby

Hosted at : nichelicorn.dev/

GitHub Repository : github.com/nichelicorn/nichelicornDev

Overlook Hotel

A hotel booking and management site. A custom API allows a user and manager to view room bookings.

Tools and Tech : JavaScript, HTML, SCSS / CSS, Mocha, Chai, Webpack

GitHub Repository : github.com/nichelicorn/overlook-hotel



Accountant, Denver-area Automotive Dealerships

Managed general ledger and created monthly financial statements by processing deal paperwork, tracking cash flow and contracts in transit, and maintaining daily bank statements. Worked with various department personnel to manage dealership processes. Maintain accounts receivable and accounts payable processes, including employee accounts.

Human Resources & Payroll Coordinator

Worked with employees throughout their employment lifecycle, using software tools to maintain personnel records. Administered bi-monthly payroll and coordinated with state agencies to maintain various dealership licensing requirements. Processed bi-monthly payroll and general ledger payroll accounts.

Customer Service

Massage Therapist & Esthetician

Worked with multiple clients each day to address specific needs. Listened to clients to determine best treatment options to provide unique services at each visit. Organized and maintained inventory, worked with other departments to create custom spa packages, and created custom aromas.


Turing School of Software & Design, 2021

Front End Engineering

University of Colorado, 2005

BA - Fine Art, Studio Photography

Aveda Institute Denver, 2012

Valedictorian - Massage Therapy, Esthetics

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